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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 24, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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not in any romantic relationship with anyone. if anyone has information where armstrong is they should call the police right away. >> dana: thank you for being with me today. >> martha: great to join you on the set this morning and i'll see everybody at 3:00 this afternoon. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: americans voting in four states today with a lot of people watching the primaries in georgia. that state's high profile race is shaping up to be a test of endorsement power inside the republican party and donald trump is in that game. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". former president trump and former vice president mike pence backing different candidates in the governor's primary in georgia. trump putting his weight behind former georgia senator david perdue. pence backing incumbent governor brian kemp who trump called the worst governor in
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the country after he certified the 2020 election results for president biden. they held dueling rallies last night. >> that's why we're in the fight for the soul of our state. we're doing this for a reason. we got more wood to chop. let's bring this home. i'm asking for your vote and your help and your support. >> this has been a race of people versus politicians. you see pence coming in and all the other governors, the rhino establishment politicians, career politicians coming to georgia to make their case. we've taken our message to the people. i'm running against an incumbent governor struggling to get to 50%. >> harris: the winner takes on unopposed democrat stacey abrams and it could mean a rematch with governor kemp who won in 2018. abrams is still hearing it from angry voters after she called georgia the worst state to live in. >> i wouldn't say it's the worst place to live in. i lived in chicago and i think
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it's a lot more expensive and a lot more dangerous to live in. >> if it's so bad why does she have two houses here? >> i guess because she didn't win the last election. >> i don't agree. >> that's nonsense. >> harris: another georgia race to watch. football great and political newcomer herschel walker is the clear frontrunner in the six-way race for the republican senate nomination and if he wins, walker will face senator ralph warnock in november. the news from atlanta, mark meredith. >> georgia voters are showing up in record numbers even before today's primary. we saw early voting break records up more than 200% compared to the same time in 2020. but there are a lot of different fascinating races to watch. we have to start with the one most political analysts are watching, the race for georgia's republican gubernatorial nomination. kemp facing a challenge from
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david perdue. kemp is dominating in fundraising and the polls and last night he campaigned with vp pence. trump held a rally for perdue in march and last night held a telephone rally. trump urged perdue to get into the race to challenge kemp after georgia went blue back in 2020. both candidates are urging republicans to pick a path for november. >> it matters who your governor is. i think georgians and americans realize that now more than ever. >> georgia people are upset how our career politicians have treated us the last couple of years and why i got in the race. >> if nobody gets more than 50% of the vote there will be a runoff election later this summer. no may who wins they'll face off against democrat stacey abrams running unopposed in the democrat gubernatorial primary
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but she is facing criticism after saying georgia is the worst place in the country to live. we caught up with voters who were shocked by the comment. >> i don't know how she can come out and say that. she better take a look again because i don't agree with that at all. >> just a few moments ago abrams held a news conference in which she was asked about some of these comments whether or not she would change her position and doubled down saying georgia was having a terrible record when it came to social and economic issues but some of those comments could come back to haunt her in the general election. at this polling location we haven't seen too many people come by but early voting was up many georgians already had a chance to get out and vote. >> harris: it has looked like that all morning. you make a good point about the early voting. jason chaffetz, fox news contributor and former republican congressman from utah. we have georgia and a lot of activity down there. trump versus pence, your
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thoughts. >> i think it's interesting that trump and pence are both involved and engaged. i think the two gubernatorial candidates i hope will get united whoever prevails. what you don't see is president biden, you don't see vice president kamala harris. i don't think that portends well with what is soon to happen in november. >> harris: this is from "the new york times" has pointed out that vice president pence is tip together away from president trump. it could be another signal he is considering a run in 2024. i bring that up because this is like a race by proxy right now with trump and pence. i want to get your take on it. if they take each other on, how much does it look like the race we're seeing in georgia? >> look, ultimately what unites republicans, these are inner party fights but what unites
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republicans is the fight against the democrats. let's remember who they are really going against. it is stacey abrams here. they're the ones they want to defeat of the herschel walker has things wrapped up i hope. it's up to the voters of georgia today. i don't want anybody to stay away from the polls. herschel walker has a monumental task in front of him. it is nice they're early to get people back together. i think the reason you have two democratic senators in georgia is a lot of people stayed home after they saw what happened in donald trump. there was a special election and if the republicans had just shown up and voted republican we would have had two republican senators and the senate would have been totally different. >> harris: when you talk about with a new candidate like herschel walker. you know that early on is always better to build momentum behind yourself especially if
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your name is new in that lane. democrats were excited for stacey abrams at first. the times were excited she would jump into the 2020 governor's race and the 2018 contest she narrowly loss. mr. warnock has emerged not only as a compelling speaker but one of his party's strongest fundraisers yet the growing fear for democrats is that even the strongest candidates and recruits can outrun president biden's wheezing approval ratings by only so much. they're at risk of getting washed away in a developing red wave. good writing there, wheezing approval ratings. >> it will be more like a tsunami. the problem is not only the poor communication from biden and harris, harris i will remind you is going nowhere. >> harris: has there been any communication from kamala harris?
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>> exactly. absolutely nothing from them. but they are on the wrong side of every policy. i can't think of a single policy that you are going to run on as a democrat that is an 80% issue that will drive people true centrists and republicans your direction. there is literally not a single thing out there. if stacey abrams thinks she can shame the people of georgia saying it's the worst place in the nation to live, that's probably not going to go very far. driving the all-star game out of atlanta. what is she going to run on? she lost the last election which she has never admitted by 55,000 votes. it wasn't -- that's a pretty big margin. >> harris: she took a big hit on that. everybody votes individually based on how they live their lives. lived experience, that economy and it hurt to lose that $100 million. i can only imagine. colorado enjoyed it. day six and the first trial of
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special counsel john durham's investigation into the how the trump/russia hoax began. we're learning the f.b.i. either got it wrong or lied to its agents about where the intel was coming from. the f.b.i. said the d.o.j. was seeding info on trump when it came from michael sussman. the man on trial this week. your take. >> i think it's fascinating. sussman is a lobbyist, an attorney on the outside of the one of the t*id bits coming out of this election he had a hall pass. he had a badge to get into the department of justice without having to sign into visitors log. are you kidding me? this is comey's f.b.i. and the way they run things over there and he talks to his buddy jim. jim is not just an average jim but the general counsel for the federal bureau of investigation and gives him the information. he lies about that information and then suddenly in this two-week period it gets spun around such that this poor
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agent in chicago gets this information that says hey, here is this white paper and thumb drive. they want in chicago to talk to who is the originator of this and the f.b.i. doesn't come clean and make it look like it's the department of justice instead of saying it's the clinton campaign. this is why durham and his work is so important. >> harris: you know, you talk about kind of covering each other's backs. the media are already doing it apparently with hillary clinton. if they are doing something else they should speak up about it because it's confusing. liberal media ignored last week's testimony that hillary clinton approved the leaking of trump/russia collusion allegations and critics are going after the "washington post" claiming there is no evidence hillary clinton triggered the russia probe. they will just cover up i guess. >> you have a federal criminal probe where hillary clinton's attorney is there on trial.
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you have the campaign manager for hillary clinton testifying that she was in on the decision and okayed the decision to go ahead and put this misinformation out there and go after donald trump. and that's not a story? and where in the world in the mueller report, how come they couldn't come up with this report? tens of millions of dollars going out the door and interview anybody and they can't figure this out? come on. the scam is on, everybody knows it. these media folks, how do they look themselves in the mirror? they do not have any credibility, none. >> harris: they look at twitter to see how many likes they're getting. just watch it. watch what is tweeted and what comes through. it is fascinating. what you said about, you know, well, did mueller know? we don't know if he knew, jason, maybe he did and he didn't tell us. we'll follow where durham takes us we'll follow his investigation. thanks for being in "focus."
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well, how could this happen? the outrage after an illegal immigrant on the f.b.i.'s terror watch list was allowed to roam around the united states for two weeks before he was rearrested. and some comments from the president are getting some backlash. here they are. >> these higher prices are part of the plan and always been part of the plan for him. he wants you to pay for his green dream. >> harris: why is he saying that? because biden seemed to celebrate high gas prices as part of an incredible transition. that's what he called it. an incredible transition to clean energy. republican congressman mike gallagher in new york on set in "focus" next. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean
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>> president biden: when it comes to the gas prices, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place and god willing when it's over we'll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when it is over. >> harris: god willing, did you hear that? he is appearing to cheer on the high gas prices. he says it's an incredible transition that would likely be to go green faster, progressives would love that part. the cleanup. the damage was already done. so many americans cannot afford to fill up their cars with gasoline. the president's remarks echo what many in his political party have been voicing all along, that the ukraine war would make fossil fuels completely too expensive and people would hop on what i call the green train. gasoline still at a record breaking $4.59 per gallon of
8:19 am
regular unleaded. 50% higher than it was this time last year. republican senator john kennedy was on hannity. >> president biden says he has no control over gasoline prices and oil prices. you can't have regulatory control over the drilling, transport, storage, refining, trading, and taxation of oil as the president does and accurately make that statement. and the american people just don't believe him. >> harris: republican congressman mike gallagher of wisconsin a member of the house armedselvess committee and the committee for transportation and infrastructure is with me now. first time since the pandemic we've been together. what do you think when you hear senator kennedy ticking down why americans don't trust what's coming out of the white
8:20 am
house? >> senator kennedy is right. the president's comments were completely out of touch with reality. think how the narrative has evolved over the past year. first they were blaming evil american domestic energy producers and then shifted to blaming vladimir putin and now seems the president is saying the quiet part out loud and saying americans have to suck it up, endure the pain so we can expedite the transition to electric vehicles. where is the electricity going to come from and the batteries going to come for electric vehicles? it increases our dependency on china in a present verse way. john kerry is now the davos saying we need to work with the chinese on climate change. john kerry is the high priest of the cult. look what the president did from the first moment he came to office. canceled keystone pipeline that cost my state, wisconsin, thousands of good-paying jobs and the fact that he continues
8:21 am
to play the blame game. as americans are struggling and paying over $4 a gallon at the pump. i filled up before we left wisconsin a few days ago. over $4 a gallon hurting working class americans. they need to reverse their disastrous energy policy. it also gives our adversaries a gift as well. >> harris: absolutely. saudi arabia talking to other countries that we wish we wouldn't and they are talking to russia now. i mean, the enemy of your enemy i won't go. a new poll shows priorities are shifting for americans while broad support for u.s. sanctions on russia have not faltered. now 45% say the nation's biggest priority should be sanctioning russia effectively while 51% say it should be limiting damage to the u.s. economy. those numbers were exactly reversed in april. what's happening? >> i think broad bipartisan support for a tough on russia pollz. a lot of people have
8:22 am
been inspired by what they say ukraine doing bravely fighting using weapons and our posture of providing weapons and intelligence. we can maintain the economic war on russia but we can't maintain it while having a simultaneous war on domestic energy production in america. if we take key steps to reverse that war, if we open up leases for drilling on federal lands, if we get the radicals out of ferc, i think we can be at the cusp of an american energy renaissance will be better for the environment. if we invest in next generation technology we have a policy that's good for americans economically and more environmentally friendly than the democrats are selling. the president seems to be held captive to the far left
8:23 am
progressive wing of his party for which climate change is the top issue. at times his foreign policy seems to be contradictory. there is a wing that thinks we have to work with china. >> harris: it might explain why we turn to venezuela the dirtiest manufacturer on the planet. war on domestic economics. i put that down. we look at a bifurcated situation. a war with russia and ukraine after the invasion by the russians and it probably feels to americans like there is war on them every time they try to fill up. let me get to this. border patrol released a suspected terrorist who crossed into the united states illegally and took ice two weeks to rearrest him according to a leaked memo obtained by fox news. the 35-year-old columbian man was released near yuma, air on april 18th with an electric
8:24 am
monitoring device. the f.b.i. flagged him but ice didn't get authorization to get him until may 4th. they caught him in florida on may 6th. former acting ice chief tom hoe man says the administration cares more about optics than safety. >> federal agents told me their command wants them to process and release quick. they aren't waiting for responses when they run the people through the checks. the focus of this administration is to process and release quickly so there doesn't appear to be overcrowding or a crisis. >> harris: business as usual on the border. the daily mail reports that on the very day title 42 was set to end, officials released hundreds of illegal immigrants into the united states. congressman gallagher, what is the blind spot that the biden
8:25 am
administration has on this? >> well, we talked about the first thing the president did when he came into office january 21st was cancel ketone. second thing was open up the southern border. despite all the evidence and ongoing and growing chaos at the southern border, despite not just this incident but the fact we have had 42 people on the terror screening database try to cross the southern border illegally the president is unwilling to secure the border. it is a disaster not just for southern border states but for states like mine in wisconsin. we deal with drug cartel-related murders and the fentanyl crisis affects everybody, killing tens of thousands of americans. >> harris: let me ask you this. i haven't heard it answered. i haven't asked it but i will of you. how important is it that -- maybe not the american people, but that people who would go after those 42 suspected terrorists when they're country. >> it is a very important issue.
8:26 am
the other issue. this guy got a gps tracker. the problem with the immigration court system. no contempt authority in the court system. people can defy court dates and make a mockery of the system and no ability to force order in the courtroom. not just a matter of building the wall and securing the southern border. not just a matter of increased personnel and technology. you need all of that. 100% we need the remain in mexico policy to be permanent law. reform our asylum process but need to fix the immigration court system. the border is in chaos. it is fueling a drug crisis in america. and thus far this administration has not shown any willingness to change course. >> harris: i had four sheriffs on from the border yesterday and two of them were not from border states. but we're all border states when you take into consideration fentanyl. what does it cost wisconsin? i want to hear. >> it costs us thousands of
8:27 am
lives every year. the other thing, fentanyl is being produced in china, shipped to mexico and not just a matter of it crossing the southern border, then there are chinese entities that launder money for the drug trafficking organizations. china is the world's biggest drug dealer. our long term add ver searing the profiting off america's youth. we must secure the border and republicans need to make this a key issue going forward. we need to deliver on our promises, which we haven't in the past. >> harris: china, money laundering. i knew you would bring us a new nugget today. that's one more way they're hitting us, the communist government of china. great to see you. thank you for being in "focus." the former chief of president biden's paused disinformation board is calling herself a victim of disinformation. but she was caught spreading false info herself. plus the baby formula crisis is far from over.
8:28 am
>> literally every single thing they touch, they screw up. it is insane that we cannot provide for babies in this country. >> harris: president biden facing backlash celebrating a temporary fix to a very big problem. and a new report that the fda is making things worse. yeah, they want to recall what's coming into this country from europe. jason rantz next. ...the tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ...who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. book an exam today. we are america's doctors. and some of us... where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. are grandparents too. we want you to know. we trust the covid vaccine. for ourselves. for our patients. for our kids. so should you. ♪ music ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.”
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call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now. >> harris: herschel walker has cast his vote. this is live in atlanta. he is doing it right now. he is the frontrunner in a six-person republican senate primary and backed by president trump. he is expected to run away with it ahead of that pack and what he faces on the other side of the political aisle potentially and we'll have to see what happens with this, but allocations are that it will be
8:34 am
herschel walker will face raphael warnock. it will be interesting to watch in the state of georgia. all eyes are on it. stay with fox news channel for all the coverage of primary races in four states today in the u.s. >> it's unbelievable flying baby formula from europe to the united states as a political win for them. it is embarrassing. their priorities are so totally out of whack with the american people. >> harris: she is not wrong. "fox & friends" weekend co-host. she went after on this very bram the biden administration as europe is bailing america out of the baby formula crisis. the "wall street journal" reports the fda is putting the brakes on that started confiscating large amounts of formula for reasons such as
8:35 am
non-english labeling. like americans wouldn't be able to follow directions. somebody couldn't translate it for us. we have google. scoop sizes, the american government can't send scoop sizes? they have warehouses full of backup. maybe the formula has expired but scoops haven't and storage safety. my list is long. the journal argues if the fda refuses to leave baby formula to the market and american parents' own judgment it could help by providing english language instructions converting to american size scoops and explaining european health and safety standards. approach carries its own risks but isn't it better than seizing and destroying thousands of pounds of baby formula in the middle of a national crisis? i didn't realize they were going to ruin all of it. jason rantz. you couldn't make up the part where they're completely incompetent when it comes to this. >> this really does shine a
8:36 am
spotlight on the difference between how a democrat and republican would approach this, right? you have democrats who are all about the regulations. over regulating. they think they know best and never take their eye off trying to regulate something. the republicans who understand that regulation has a role and should have a role but some point you look at an emergency and question whether or not the regulations are getting in the way. when you have someone who is a supporter of business thinks like a business person would what would you immediately say when told some of the labels aren't in english? let's print them in english and send it out google it and so online. parents are smart enough to be able to look this up. they don't want to hurt their kid. so the parent will go and find the information that they need. there are so many easy ways around this problem and yet instead of attacking it, we just have a photo of a shipment
8:37 am
of baby formula on a plane and we're like yeah, we did it. we just single handedly cured what ails us and clearly they aren't doing what they need to do. >> harris: i want to make it clear when i say google it you can speak into your phone and go to a site that goes from one language to the other and it will spit it out in english. it is that easy. i'm not saying go to google to figure out how to get your baby but get the instruct translated. they call out biden's misguided approach. worried parents will see empty store shelves. the crisis did not need to happen. the same companies that make formula have plants in europe where there are no shortages. the shortage became a crisis before the government adopted temporary measures that only nip at the edges of problem. the parents of america and
8:38 am
their babies deserve better than that. >> it's 100% correct. i am all about protecting american companies who are putting out products like these but you have to insure that you are fought allowing for just one company to basically own the market or have a huge share of the market because then you are just asking for trouble. this is not a particular industry that has a whole bunch of competition. in this case opening it up to foreign markets to put products here in reasonable and safe ways makes sense but we have such a high tariff on the imports. in addition to some of the fda rules that really aren't about safety per se but about some labeling instructions. the point is yeah, you have some of these companies already doing business overseas. it seems obvious to me you can safely bring them here. >> harris: i don't get how the white house got so so political on this issue.
8:39 am
>> they turn erving political. >> harris: biden has brought americans on opposite sides of issues and politics together over one unifying point. feed our babies. jason rantz, great to have you in "focus." thank you. troubling new information shows the national school board association initially had pushed to get the department of justice to send in the troops to deal with school board meetings and parents who were frustrated. no, really, this is true. as biden would say but for real, the deal. plus this. >> the guy is not with the program. we've known it for a long time. the numbers have been clear as far as we were concerned. now it appears that it's not just us, the voters know it. >> harris: and you've heard this before. voters disapprove of joe biden's handling of just about every issue facing americans. former president clinton said biden is doing a great job.
8:40 am
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>> harris: monkeypox is in the united states. health officials reporting one
8:45 am
confirmed case, six possible cases in america. phil keating is live for us in south florida where officials are investigating one of those cases, phil. >> hi, yeah. possibly developing overnight another monkeypox case out of seattle. the two presumptive cases in south florida both in brew ard county. in all of the cases they involve men either gay or bisexual and all recently traveled overseas. the symptoms are not pleasant. take a look. by far lesions and bumps all over your body. highly contagious but only between people having very close contact like sex or sharing a bed. monkeypox hasn't been seen in the u.s. since 2003. but now six possibly seven people in america are suspected of having it as health officials await lab results for absolute confirmation. one person in massachusetts, one in new york city, two in florida, two in utah and the
8:46 am
new one in washington this current outbreak started in europe and asia affecting people in 12 countries from australia to france, italy, portugal, spain. the world health organization says it is currently monitoring about 130 patients worldwide and another 100 suspected cases mostly traced to two recent raves in europe. >> we have a strong scientific concern that monkeypox is a little different spreading this way than we've seen before. in terms of a public health concern you are right to note there are only a handful of cases in the united states right now. >> since it begins like the flu. you get a really bad headache, fever and really fatigued. most all of these people that are suspected to have monkeypox now are self-isolating at home because it is not so bad that you have to go to the hospital. typically you do get better in 2 to 4 weeks. >> harris: i want to make this
8:47 am
really clear. we've come out of a pandemic height where we saw so many cases in this country and know how spread happens. this is not community spread. this isn't from one person you run into and the next person gets it the way covid-19 has been in parts of the pandemic. this is something very different. when the president said the other day it is something the united states and everybody needs to be worried about, you have given us some context there. let you have the last word. >> you are right. it certainly is not a super widespread event right now. we have a tiny handful of possibly seven cases in the united states. unlike covid there is not that six-foot radius rule where that is how you can spread the virus. this is close contact, intimate contact, and again there was a couple of raves over in europe in recent weeks. one of them on the canary islands and a lot of people they are doing contact tracing and they are tracing a lot of
8:48 am
that back to those raves. >> harris: and that's good. phil keating. thank you very much for the latest on this. >> this guy's foreign policy record is terrible and he is getting us back into more issues with more gaffes. right no ineptitude is not a strategy. his ineptitude in everything from foreign policy and domestic policy. crime going up and gas prices going up and baby formula out of stock. this administration no idea what it is doing. we need to get relative leadership to the front. >> harris: john james tearing into the president as joe biden's approval rating is still falling. a recent national poll shows the president's job approval at a dismal 39%. recent fox polling shows voters disapprove of the president's job on just about every single major issue. the things that americans say they most care about.
8:49 am
he is way underwater in the disapproval category. look at that. climate change, that is amazing that they disapprove of what he is doing on climate change. that means this poll had everybody in it and even people on the far left aren't happy with what the president is doing. you know why? they have to buy gas, too. despite the terrible numbers former president bill clinton is defending president biden. here is what he wrote. we still face stern tasks including taming inflation without causing a recession and combating violent crime. but a get the job done leader who cares more about the people than the polls, more about winning the future than rewriting history will. that's who joe biden is and why i'm glad he is on the job. that from former president bill clinton. kevin walling former bill clinton campaign surrogate. let's talk brass tax here. when you see this you know that the american people from the polling i just showed you, do
8:50 am
not consider the win that biden is given by clinton. what do you say? >> the american people are rightly concerned with all these crises happening at the same time. the war in ukraine, rising gas prices, the cause of inflation. so all these crises are happening at the same time and obviously that's reflected in the president's job approval numbers. but listen. as that piece suggests by president clinton there are some great things to focus on. the fact the unemployment rate is the lowest in 50 years. 8.3 million jobs recovered or created since the president took office. 5 million more americans have health insurance than they did before the president took office. of course, the fact that 575 million vaccine doses have been given in this country coming out of this pandemic. >> harris: i do want to do a little cleanup there and we know each other and don't blow
8:51 am
smoke our way on the vaccines. this white house and president have not only once but more than once taken credit for the vaccines. they weren't in office yet. and in december i have a picture of the president, now president biden, getting his vaccination. so there is no way he could have come up with it because he wasn't in office yet. what's going on with that? >> i praised the last administration and we talk brass tacks all the time. the trump administration is -- >> harris: why does biden think he was -- he said it on camera. >> good thing this administration has done is the rapid development of the vaccine in terms of getting it into people's arms. when the biden administration took over there was no plan to get shots in arms. that is a great thing for this president to tout is the fact the mass vaccination sites were
8:52 am
stood up and distribution of those shots in arms was great. i have praised the trump administration in the past on your show for operation warp speed. that is a great thing. but again the facts are facts that there was no mass plan for getting shots in arms when this administration took over. >> harris: 700 to 00 shots a day under president trump. toward the beginning the end of e presidency and the beginning of another, we were starting to get to a place. we weren't at a million and what biden had promised. by last summer he was woefully behind because his messaging was so poor he was talking people out of going to get it. >> that was something said during the campaign. once the fda signs off on the safety of the vaccine we'll get it and they got it. both the vice president and president did during the trump administration. that was important optics. you compare that to donald trump who got it his shot in the middle of the night under the cloak of darkness celebrating the fact he was able to do it.
8:53 am
>> harris: he did what no one else didid. it makes your guy look worse. "new york times" columnist thomas friedman getting some heat for his article his off the record lunch with joe biden saying quote i can't tell you anything he said. i can, though, tell you two things. what i ate and how i felt later. he then launched into an attack on republicans divisiveness and what he claims is biden's top priority uniting the country. twitter was quick to call him out. one user tweeted possibly the worst column ever written. another simply said beyond parody. you have one of the legacy media in there and he is sitting with a president who hasn't done an interview sit-down for 104 days and you come out with this. your take. >> thomas friedman can defend himself. the main takeaway i got from the piece in the "new york times" is the focus on our allies and the fact the
8:54 am
president has scored wins on the international stage. finland and sweden wanting to join nato. >> harris: that isn't because of biden. it is not because of biden. because he told russia it was a minor incursion was okay and russia invaded ukraine. just as the words were hanging in a thought bubble minor incursion. let's not gloss over how we got there. >> i get the conservative media doesn't want to give the president a win. >> harris: i'm a journalist and telling you the fact. stop saying that. we want america and our president to win. >> we see wins on the ground in ukraine getting ukraine the weapons and resources it needs and holding the world together. democracies of the world together against vladimir putin. >> harris: can we do that and also rescue our own economy? >> absolutely yes. >> harris: why aren't we doing it? >> you see the president take
8:55 am
action on baby formula and gas shortages. >> harris: the fda is taking it off the shelves because of not in english. we always run into each other after these shows. good to see you. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is next.
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>> emily: hello, everyone. i'm emily compagno here with my co-host kayleigh mcenany and harris faulkner. joining us today, kennedy and john james. the white house is giving a new spin on the sky-high gas prices which have shattered records for two straight weeks putting a serious strain on americans' wallets and now president biden is suggesting that the high gas prices are a step toward the far left's green agenda. watch. >> when it comes


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